Stranger Think

by Stranger Think

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released April 5, 2016

Written, recorded, and engineered by Jordan Rapaport
All artwork by Jordan Koch




Stranger Think Orlando, Florida

Stranger Think makes the sound accompaniment to the colorful pixels who dance in gossamer screens when eyes are shut most tightly.

Of flowery love songs, forest feelings, human indulgence, youthful untarnished curiosity and kindred dreams.

Stranger Think is your brainchild.
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Track Name: Scarlet Garden
As if grass could grow a little bit deeper,
Next to roots, “How nice to meet ya”
It’s sad to say the summers setting
To make room for the moon’s wedding

A landscape stain is someone’s shelter
Pulling hairs, “I want to feel ya”
Atmosphere squeezed in a bottle,
And at the bottom there’s a reason

Four electric limbs in every order
Dusted down, “I need to taste ya”
Tease the sky with scarlet letters
And words dressed in anxious sound

Three years of love battered lust,
“Who am I who can I be?”
Foliage tends to garden,
The part of me, I did not want to see

Undercover ears drink for a good friend
But the world is crying and were not listening
You can’t cut your lover if you love her
We keep killin’ what keeps those lovers fresh air

Cities of lightness lay in forests
Animal vernacular smokes spectacular
Dreams sick on people collect ashes
The fruitful spirits counting backwards

Plastic feelings scrape the upper lip of Pan,
“Oh dear, sweet goat trickle fits”
Track Name: Jumping Thru Leary Hoops
Oh, I’ve been wasting my life,
Jumping thru these leary hoops, on fire
Dancing for old girls in monkey suits
I’ve waltz thru twenty years
I’ll dance thru twenty more
And somewhere down the line I’ll trip and fall,
And open my damn eyes

To all those things I want
And all those things I don’t
A seed to grow in me until it pulls me inside
My mom was racist,
Her eyes were sunken in
My heart's been racing since,
I taught it how to beat

Oh, I’m a sleepy sentence,
Cozy between dormant books
Earmarks, forgotten flowers, healing powers
Lost in time
They say, “The world is yours”
But then what is mine?
I want to share I want to care
I want to be cared for

By beautiful fairies,
Who see a man in me
And feed me chocolate love
And teach me responsibility
Take me down water,
Baby please, don’t break me

I was breathing,
I was drowning,
I (you) stopped breathing,
Now I am
Track Name: Steal Thunder
Someone, thinks for you
Someone, thinks for you
The animals are the humans,
And the humans are the animals too

Plant a caterpillar in your face and forget it
Butterflies out your mouth
So copacetic, don’t you get it
We’re pathetic
Track Name: Spelling Season
Oh strange body, how you haunt me
Oh strange body, how you hold me

A list of reasons,
Bury your home made of stone
Cherish your heart made of gold
When you’re alone,
When you’re alone

Talked to seasons,
They’re hungry can’t tell when they’re full
This party can’t handle no more
And if I’m still grabbing dandelions in the end
Than I’m a fool

Thoughts are weddings,
Of two toe-tied dancers who spread
They’re legs as the voice in your head
To all you can have,
And all that you can’t

Hug your spirit
Cool air feels more when you’re pink
Life flashes by when you blink
So get up and do, more than just think

Now that I can’t be alone,
More than I can be alone

A list of reasons,
To love all those things that you love,
Those colors that dance for no one else,
The stories you’ve wrote
But you’ll never read again
Track Name: Keeper Otherness Pt. 1
Only one thought a day,
I thought I’d play
In my treefort I stay
Track Name: Keeper Otherness Pt. 2
So don’t run,
Eat from the tree
That bathes with the Sun
And drinks listerine
With those cold, cold
Binocular eyes
He seasons the sky
Behind crystal clouds
Track Name: My Town
Ay-oh, we got that
We got that, we got that
H20 1,2,3 mystical do-re-mi,
You’ve got a friend in me
Speak holy comedy,
Higher than piety
Things it will do to me,
Things I won’t do to you

This town means my town
Around town, I love this sound
Track Name: So Bear Flight
Running around in circles in my head
Got me so dizzy, so fast
I drank the wrong medicine
That’s gonna make this shit last
I wish I took the other stuff
To watch those lights take flight
Just like the hands on the clock
Each and every night

When all the illusions,
“I’m a loser, I’ve got mental diseases”
That I’m beating by depleting
All I’m eating each season
In the morning I’ll be puking up the pieces remembered
In the morning, I’ll be coasting on a coffee table
Alameda have I told ya how I need ya
To be there, in the morning
As I’m preparin’ a so bear flight

I’ve been thinking about those things
The mountain goat above my toilet would say
Today he’d say, “Everything will be alright”
How can anything or everything be alright?
When liquid energy is leakin’ from the nose I surrendered
To the cost-benefit of picking up the newspaper
In the morning, as I’m tick-tock, talkin’

Of plummeting people, plumbing planets
Pushing enigmatic gastric plastics
Seemingly fantastic, bombastic bombings
Of the wombats
I know, you know,
That your homes are too good,
To think all about the things that you should

We froze, we froze
Subrosa, subrosa

Crawling like an infant, Father Time drags himself into his marigold bed. His head incessantly throbbing, he reaches for his pocket watch and rotates the hands four hours forward. Just as he returns his watch to his pocket, Mother Nature trumpets from the hall. Seeping right thru the cracks of the bedroom door, she sings the song of ten-thousand song birds.

“Father Time, while you were gone drinking wine and lapping luxuries, I was out, comforting chatterpines and solacing youngerberries. Assuring them that Father Time, surely had all, but forgotten their lives. The seasons will be here, the seasons will change. The seasons will be here, just later this year! The rosewhales weeped, and the letterlotuses won’t sleep. Father Time your ignorance now is a spectacular crime. If you want all the best for my children and I, then give up your humans, please put them to rest.

Fingering his palm, Father Time counts all the lines. Seven-billion it seems, his eyes decide. Brooding his brow, each wrinkle runs deep, Father Time speaks with closed cheeks.

“Let it be heard, that lessons are learned by all who think, and I am why. All the unknowns are known by me, only time can tell a secret decree. If it is not clear, don’t worry my dear. Things as they seem, unravel at the seams.”
Track Name: Berdee No Beak
Here’s the thing,
We’ll love it when we can’t speak
Well here’s the thing,
We’ll love it when we can’t speak
A turnicate so tight,
A blasted bird’s beak
A turnicate so tight,
A blasted bird’s beak

All days catch up,
Pull your hanging tail in
All days don’t seem up,
Unless you seek them dancing
All days catch up,
Pull your hanging tail in
All days don’t seem up,
Unless you seek them dancing

Hold it down now, express your ugly concepts
Proud now, embrace your ugly contents
Track Name: Ploom, Coburn
Ploom love,
In boxes somewhere,
Sinking on a ship
While your angels are stirring
Burning their last wish
On cigarettes,
Those unforgiving kiss
Your messengers,
Have packed up all and left
And your friends all know,
You sleep in catacombs

From spools that spiral,
Out from between legs
That silly thing that,
Keeps me in my head
And stops the thoughts from,
Squeezing into juice
That juice that men drank,
And never drank again