Jumping Thru Leary Hoops

from by Stranger Think

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Oh, I’ve been wasting my life,
Jumping thru these leary hoops, on fire
Dancing for old girls in monkey suits
I’ve waltz thru twenty years
I’ll dance thru twenty more
And somewhere down the line I’ll trip and fall,
And open my damn eyes

To all those things I want
And all those things I don’t
A seed to grow in me until it pulls me inside
My mom was racist,
Her eyes were sunken in
My heart's been racing since,
I taught it how to beat

Oh, I’m a sleepy sentence,
Cozy between dormant books
Earmarks, forgotten flowers, healing powers
Lost in time
They say, “The world is yours”
But then what is mine?
I want to share I want to care
I want to be cared for

By beautiful fairies,
Who see a man in me
And feed me chocolate love
And teach me responsibility
Take me down water,
Baby please, don’t break me

I was breathing,
I was drowning,
I (you) stopped breathing,
Now I am


from Stranger Think, released April 5, 2016




Stranger Think Orlando, Florida

Stranger Think makes the sound accompaniment to the colorful pixels who dance in gossamer screens when eyes are shut most tightly.

Of flowery love songs, forest feelings, human indulgence, youthful untarnished curiosity and kindred dreams.

Stranger Think is your brainchild.
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